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Preparing for Financial Emergencies

When shopping for a medical plan, it is most important to cover catastrophes.     At a minimum, review your coverage for life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance and auto insurance.

Over time, your insurance needs are likely to change, so you may find yourself with too much or too little insurance.

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More News Regarding Long Term Care

Nearly 50% of long term-care insurance claimants experience their disability before age 65.

The average claim lasts just over 2 1/2 years and two-thirds of claimants receive their care at home. In 2007, paid $3.5 billion in benefits to 180,000 Americans.(


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News About Cobra

With the passage of the new stimulus bill there has been signifigant changes to COBRA. Cobra is a temporary insurance(18 months) for those that have recently been let go from there jobs.

Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, those who were laid off since last fall may be eligible for a 65 percent subsidy to pay for COBRA, which allows people to extend employer-sponsored health insurance.
In other words individuals and families will only have to pay 35% of there Cobra payments.

However there are some negatives associated with new rule.

For examply if your health coverage was terminated when a employer shut down and laid off all its workers. Can I get the premium reduction to pay for new health coverage?

Generally, no. If there is no longer a health plan, there is often no COBRA coverage available.

For more information simply give me a call at 800.946.3157.


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HSA’s In Practice

HSAs are not just for the young, healthy or wealthy; HSAs help individuals and families reduce healthcare costs while saving for the future especially in Florida.

Here are just a few cases of how HSAs are being used by actual consumers:

Single Female in New York

Name: Brenda
Location: New York, NY
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Freelance Designer (self employed)
Annual Income: $50,000
Deductible: $3,000

Current Healthcare Status:
Emily has no major planned health expenses, only preventive care (covered by insurance under her deductible).

Emily pays $150 per month for her health plan premium. She contributes $100 per month into her HSA. She spends the money in her HSA, tax-free, on acupuncture treatment and contact lenses.

Single Male in Florida

Name: Robert
Location: Tampa, FL
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Technology Developer
Annual Income: $90,000
Deductible: $3,000

Current Healthcare Status:
Michael is planning on getting LASIK surgery in the next few years and intends to use his HSA to pay for the service.

Michael’s employer contributes $200 per month into his HSA. He contributed $450 at the beginning of 2007 into his HSA (so that he could reach the maximum contribution of $2,850 by year-end). He does not spend money out of his HSA, and instead pays out of pocket for occasional visits to a chiropractor.

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Short Term Health Insurance

With so many Floridians losing there current jobs, a common question is what to do I do now for health insurance? The obvious answer is Cobra however, due to its high cost this is out of risk for most Floridians.

A great idea which is gaining in popularity is a short term medical policy. These policies written by such companies as United Healthcare and Assurant are major medical policies that are limited between 1 & 6 months. The plans are relatively inexpensive and can cover the gap before a permanent plan can be found. For a quote simply give us a call.


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Florida Health Care Insurance provides quality health insurance options

Life is a mystery, no one knows where the next challenge is waiting for us. These challenges are assessments for our courage and enthusiasm to revolutionize. At such an instant you can’t say, “I am not ready yet” or pretend that nothing has happened. The challenge will unquestionably affect your life, and you cannot just put a blindfold on. Wisdom lies in taking defensive measures out of an understanding of your individual situation.

Our contemporary existence is nerve-racking; everyone is running after something or the other. We participate in this never ending race due to our needs, or may be because of the demands of civilization. And in this whole process we hardly pay any attention towards our health. The end result is we end up suffering from one disease after another. A person to be busy to be healthy is like a mechanic not taking care of his tools. The greatest liberty of life is health, and to maintain this freedom one should pay regular visits to doctor.

Health care expenses may sound an unnecessary expenditure, and may become an serious strain on your finances. Here is where affordable health insurance can play a significant role. A reasonable monthly insurance premium gives you a protection against both expected and unforeseen health care expenses. Health coverage provides shelter against injury or illness.

Some health insurance plans also gives coverage against disability, long term nursing and custodial care needs. Investing in health insurance is best way to increase your savings which you can then have available at your time of need. Being healthy is a matter of taking care of both your mind and body, and this means being able to achieve peace of mind. We at Florida Health Care insurance give you that peace of mind and complete wellness by providing affordable health insurance plans which are case specific and are affordable.

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There are many options in Florida health insurance

Health insurance provided by the employer or public funding are both major sources of insurance. The various plans available are broadly categorized into Florida Small Group Health Insurance, Florida Large group Health Insurance, Temporary Health Insurance, International Health Insurance, Long term care, Individual Dental Care Insurance, Florida maternity plans and Student Health care Insurance. These plans cover routine medical expenses, specific disease expenses, medical bills, hospital charges, disability expenses, dental expenses and hospital charges in case of accidents or injuries.

Quotes for all the insurance plans are available online or you can call us at anytime. We provide you with quality assistance that is aimed at giving you full satisfaction. The agents at Florida Health Care Insurance work on your case and assist you with immediate quotes that fit your needs and eligibility. We strive to guide our customers towards best available plans for them and maintain complete transparency throughout the process. Health insurance gives you edge over the unanticipated events in life. Health insurance allows you to organize your life for such expected and unexpected mishaps.

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Health insurance plans that provide peace of mind

Life can seem effortless when you plan as much as possible for changes and unexpected events advance. A person should judiciously save his income, because penny saved is penny earned. Medical insurance is kind of investment; in time of need you don’t have to borrow from someone because you are already saved generously.

To make your life more carefree, we at Florida Healthcare Insurance provide you numerous medical insurance plans. The plans offered by Florida Healthcare Insurance are so flexible and reasonably priced that you won’t even realize it but you will be protected against a variety of medical problems. The affordable premiums will adequately recompense the large amount needed at the time of urgency.

You can easily transfer your qualms and fears to Florida Healthcare Insurance. You can trust us, because our aim is to provide assistance and proper consultation so you can invest your money sensibly and choose the best suited policy from the volume of insurance plans available. The plans offered by Florida Healthcare Insurance are simple to understand, so that you know where exactly how your money is working for you.

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The right health insurance plan for you

Florida Healthcare insurance empathizes with your situation and takes into account all of your necessities individually. We consider each individual’s case to be a special case and offer plans that are suited to individual needs. Our aim is to make purchasing health insurance a simple experience and a real value for your money.

With our quick quoting system and proper assistance and guidance, the whole process of selecting an insurance plan is an easy task. All premiums take into consideration each client’s situation. We provide full disclosure to our clients about how affordable monthly payments will cover hospital and other bills in the unfortunate cast of an accident or other health problem.

The health plans available at Florida Healthcare Insurance give you effortless solutions to generate maximum benefits, a clear-cut way to healthy and protected life. Florida Healthcare Insurance enables you to live a healthy life with full wellness of mind, body and soul.

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