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Higher Health Insurance Rates for Now

Yes, health insurance rates are higher right now, but no one seems to really understand why.

Health insurance rates mainly go up for one reason and that reason is that people do not take care of themselves. It is that simple and that complicated at the same time. “If people don’t take responsibility for their own health and instead foist that task on an already overburdened health care system, it’s no wonder health care rates are atrocious,” explained Evan Tunis of Florida Healthcare Insurance.

Being human, the human condition gives rise to smoking, over-eating, over-indulging in prescription or illegal drugs, avoiding gyms and work outs like the plague, and aging. Of course the last one, aging, we really are unable to do too much about, except vigorously pursue preventive health care. “Check out the national statistics for the rate of obesity in America,” suggested Tunis. It will astonish even the most hard-nosed individual.

Consider the high costs of treating alcoholics, smokers and drug addicts, and now also consider that there is an element of choice in all these addictions. It’s not too hard to see why the cost of health care is creeping up every year. It sure isn’t going down and the numbers of people who continue to choose to abuse themselves doesn’t seem to be on the decline either.

“Another area of concern relates to medical inflation,” indicated Tunis. There is no way anyone is able to find out what the actual cost of any kind of surgery happens to be. No one will divulge that kind of information for the simple reason that they only know what they are going to bill, when they actually bill it out. Nothing like last minute medical charges being added to a patient’s bill.

Many patients have been stunned to get bills that reflect being charged for things like an extra pillow or more dressing for a wound. This boils down to just about every item and service being charged out separately while someone is in the hospital. It’s not much wonder that the bills are so high.

If people want lower health care rates, they need to start looking after themselves a whole lot better than they have been. “The healthier Americans are, the less expensive health care will be,” added Evan Tunis of Florida Healthcare Insurance.

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Health Insurance Prices Are Affected by Various Things

There are three things that affect the price of health insurance medical inflation, medical errors and the humans who use the system.

Medical errors, according to statistics, do seem to be going down these days and are now checking in at about the 20% range. “If that is the case, then by doing the math, it will tell us that 80% of the reasons for high health insurance prices are humans neglecting their health care and medical inflation, ” said Evan Tunis of Florida Healthcare Insurance.

The statistics came by way of the Department of Health & Human Services’ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. What a shocking set of statistics they released, including the fact that potentially preventable errors during or after surgery may cost close to $1.5 billion a year. That’s $1.5 billion a year – a staggering number and one that should make any red-blooded American sit up and take notice.

Imagine what that kind of money could do if diverted into stabilizing the economy or was put back into the health care system. Fixing medical errors is chilling and really, those errors should not have happened in the first place. “This kind of an extra burden placed on an already overburdened system is just asking for trouble,” commented Tunis.

If one adds in the human factor to medical errors, as many Americans do not take care of themselves, the health insurance rates will continue to creep up every year with no sign of stopping. “It’s interesting to note that if there is a medical error caught, the hospital is obligated to fix the situation,” pointed out Tunis. However, they also try to bill the cost of fixing their error to an insurance company. Just how that is supposed to work is anyone’s best guess.

Death or injuries as a result of medical errors really isn’t a new problem. It seems to have been with us since the advent of hospitals. The problem is that not much seems to be done about it. Sure the health care system is way overtaxed with trying to care for everyone using it, and errors are inevitable. However, the fact that over 300,000 people a year lose their lives due to medical errors makes one stop cold,” added Evan Tunis of Florida Healthcare Insurance.

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Are You Preferred or Not?

If you’re surfing for online insurance quotes be aware that many times the rates shown on an insurance site are for “preferred” customers.

If you happen to be in the market for health insurance, you might want to take the time to check out several sites and get some decent quotes you can compare side by side. It’s important to call more than just one health insurance agent for information as well, as each agent works with different carriers, and they may be able to find you different deals. Always make it a point to ask questions, even though you may have found information on the Internet.

It’s just a fact of life that all insurance sites can’t have everything on them that you would need to know to choose an insurance plan to suit you; there’s just too much information. So, be careful when you are checking online quotes and ask the health insurance agent if what you read on their website is the “preferred” rate. If you happen to have any pre-existing conditions, this may immediately dash your hopes of the preferred rate.

Health insurance rates are predicated on your health history and if you have for instance, asthma, you may need to be put into a different category than the one you see quoted online. Just about everyone one has “something,” and it’s just another given in life. So, don’t check out quotes expecting to get what is quoted online if you have various conditions.

To better increase your chances of getting the type of insurance you need and plans that are suited to you individually, it’s best to speak to a local insurance agent. They know all their carriers. They know the ins and outs of the system, not to mention the local hospitals, the service they provide, and the local doctors.

This is invaluable information and you can only get it by dealing locally. If you deal with someone four states away from you, they have no idea what you really need in your particular area, and even less of an idea what the local hospitals and doctors are all about. It’s that simple; local health insurance agents know their stuff and they are happy to share it with you.

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The Phone Beef with Your Health Insurance Company

If you do happen to have a bone to pick with your health insurance company, you are definitely not alone.

Ever notice that when you are dealing with a larger health insurance company and have a complaint (or question) that you spend what seems like hours on the phone getting the run around from department to department? Then, when you get off the phone after talking to several people, you’re not really sure what they said – if they indeed said anything at all that helped you with your problem.

Dealing with large online insurance companies who don’t happen to be in your area can be a total nightmare, and is just one more reason why dealing locally will improve your relations with your health insurance broker and the companies s/he represents. Those larger online behemoths that happen to be in other states can’t help you deal with a local doctor’s denied claim, for the very simple reason that they don’t know the doctor. Frankly, they hardly know you either.

Stay local and talk to local insurance agents. They know information that can make your life much easier and are able to provide you with quotes that are tailor made for your circumstances. This is much better than getting a general insurance package from a large no-name broker who has no idea what exists in your area. This isn’t to say that general packages might not be suitable to some individuals, however, in most cases, local insurance agents make sure their customers have their needs met specifically, with no song and dance or run around.

Insurance agents advice comes free and if you don’t want to buy a policy from them – so be it. They are not there to “sell ” you something; they are there to make sure you get what you need. If they sold people something that didn’t work, you can bet they would not have too many happy customers. If you want to know if your agent has a good “rep,” just check how long they’ve been in business. They longer their history, the better the chances are that they know what they are doing, and will also stand behind you in the event of an insurance dispute.

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Swine Flu Information

The Basics

According to the CDC, human cases of swine flu have been identified in the U.S. and internationally. The CDC’s investigation and response effort surrounding the outbreak of swine flu is ongoing.

Among the most useful information on the CDC website is a list of actions you can take to prevent illnesses like the flu:

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick: When you are sick, keep your distance from others to protect them from getting sick, too.
  • Stay home when you are sick: If possible, stay home from work, school and errands when you are sick. You will help prevent others from catching your illness.
  • Cover your mouth and nose: Use a tissue when coughing or sneezing. It may prevent those around you from getting sick.
  • Clean your hands: Washing your hands often will help protect you from germs.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth: Germs are often spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then touches his or her eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Practice other good health habits: Get plenty of sleep, be physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious food.

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Everything you Read Online Might NOT be True

Just because you read something online does not mean it happens to be true. Oh, in part it may be, but when it comes to health care insurance, you are only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it come to all the information you really need to know. It’s not that the website is inaccurate. The information may be fine, but it might not apply to you or there might be an exception to the stated rules. Call your health insurance agent and ask about what you’ve read online. Websites only give limited amount of information – too many details would confuse most readers. Remember that many of the plans and options have different interpretations. So, call your health insurance agent for a chat. Your agent will let you know what applies to your situation.

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Why to AVOID Generic Only Health Insurance Plans

Many looking for Florida Health Insurance neglect too look for plans that cover non-generic plans.  It is imperative when searching for a new florida health insurance  plan to cover for unseen Rx cost just as much as you need insurance for accident and illness hospital in/out charges.

Many do not have to worry about  a $2,000/mo Rx now, but, God forbid, what if you need to in the future? Are you prepared to pay $24,000/yr on Rx?  Simply contact our agency at 800.946.3157.

Florida Healthcare Insurance

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Understanding Maternity Benefits for Self Employed Individuals

If you are looking to get pregnant while not on a group plan, there are certain things a person must be aware of:

1.  Most individual insurance carriers do not cover maternity.  This is why a broker from Florida Healthcare Insurance is vital.  We can match you up with a plan that will not only cover the pre-natal visits but also the birth.

2.  Insurance carriers that do cover maternity will only cover it after a deductible has been satisfied.  The lower the deductible the higher your premium.

3.  Look out for the waiting period on your plan.  In some cases if you do not wait for the full waiting period no benefits will be paid out.

For more information please contact our office at 800.946.3157.

Evan Tunis

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7 Signs Your Florida Health Insurance Plan may be Junk

Do everything in your power to avoid plans with the following features:

Limited benefits

Never buy a florida health insurance product that is labeled “limited benefit” or “not major medical” insurance. In most states those phrases might be your only clue to an inadequate policy.
Low overall coverage limits

Health care is more costly than you might imagine if you’ve never experienced a serious illness. The cost of cancer or a heart attack can easily hit six figures. Policies with coverage limits of $25,000 or even $100,000 are not adequate.
“Affordable” premiums

There’s no free lunch when it comes to insurance. To lower premiums, insurers trim benefits and do what they can to avoid insuring less healthy people. So if your insurance was a bargain, chances are good it doesn’t cover very much. To check how much a comprehensive plan would cost you, go to , enter your location, gender, and age as prompted, and look for the most costly of the plans that pop up. It is probably the most comprehensive.

No coverage for important things

If you don’t see a medical service specifically mentioned in the policy, assume it’s not covered. We reviewed policies that didn’t cover prescription drugs or outpatient chemotherapy but didn’t say so anywhere in the policy document—not even in the section labeled “What is not covered.” Also please make sure the company is regulated by the state of Florida to have proper validity.

Ceilings on categories of care

A $900-a-day maximum benefit for hospital expenses will hardly make a dent in a $45,000 bill for heart bypass surgery. (For Example See Healthmarkets) If you have to accept limits on some services, be sure your plan covers hospital and outpatient medical treatment, doctor visits, drugs, and diagnostic and imaging tests without a dollar limit. Limits on mental-health costs, rehabilitation, and durable medical equipment should be the most generous you can afford.

Limitless out-of-pocket costs

Avoid policies that fail to specify a maximum amount that you’ll have to pay before the insurer will begin covering 100 percent of expenses. And be alert for loopholes. Some policies, for instance, don’t count co-payments for doctor visits or prescription drugs toward the maximum. That can be a catastrophe for seriously ill people who rack up dozens of doctor’s appointments and prescriptions a year.
Random gotchas

The Mega policy that the Clausens bought began covering hospital care on the second day. That seems benign enough, except that the first day is almost always the most expensive, because it usually includes charges for surgery and emergency room diagnostic tests and treatments.

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Self-Employed Health Insurance

Finding health insurance when self-employed is not easy and Florida Healthcare Insurance understands that. They know about trying to find a health insurance plan that suits certain situations and budgets. Rest easy, at Florida Healthcare Insurance they not only know how to find the best plans, but are able to find the best prices as well. Now that’s peace of mind.

Florida small business health insurance policies are actually a lot easier to qualify for than individual health insurance. This is applicable even if people are not 100% healthy. A small business is a company with at least 2 employees, but not more than 50 (yes, one of them can be a spouse). Florida Healthcare Insurance handles the details to meet the circumstances.

There are certain eligibility requirements and one of them is that the company must have a legitimate business with legitimate employees. That means asking for business documentation, hours of work, place of work, name of employees, etc. People like the arrangement of having their own company health insurance for its many advantages and for the lower financial risks for plan members. The best part about this type of policy? Lower premiums and wider coverage for small business.

Worried about pricing? Don’t be, Florida Healthcare Insurance has that under control as well and shops all their major carriers to get the best prices. In general, the cost of Florida small business health insurance is based on a standard rate – meaning the average of the risk associated with each insured in the total group. Of course pre-existing medical conditions will make a difference in the rates, so be sure to discuss that with an agent.

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