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Cutting Family Health Insurance Costs

Everyone in the US today knows that health care costs are going up. There are some ways to cut costs and reduce the family debt.

“For any family that is paying any part of their health insurance cover, they know the cost of everything is going up. Often that can send a family into sheer panic, wondering how they are going to keep on paying for their Florida health insurance,” said Evan Tunis of Florida Health Care Insurance, Delray Beach, Florida.

For those on a budget, there are some great ways to cut a few corners and save some money. The first tip and the most obvious one, is speak directly to your insurance agent. “Not many people think to do this, which is a shame, as these people have ideas that may save you money just by asking them. For instance, changing plans, switching companies or upping your annual deductible,” Tunis suggested.

Another surefire way to save money is to opt for having limited access to health care providers. While this will mean you won’t have the freedom to see whomever you want, it will save you money. “Of course this is a personal decision and if your family would rather stick with their preferred doctor, then that is likely the right decision for you,” added Tunis.

“Something else that you need to consider is pre-existing conditions. If you or someone else in your family has a pre-existing condition, don’t change plans until you have – in writing – a quote for coverage from the new provider stating it will cover that condition,” Tunis suggested. For those that don’t do that, they might find themselves without coverage for their condition or having to wait for anywhere from six to twelve months for coverage to kick in.

If a Florida health insurance quote comes in with a really, really low rate, best read the fine print, because it’s likely not a good deal. Put another way, if it doesn’t have the coverage needed, the policyholder ends up shelling out money. It’s a good idea to actually pay a bit more a month and know without a doubt that coverage is in place.
In order to be a bit creative in saving money on buying Florida health insurance, make sure you talk to the local insurance broker. They know ways to save money on buying health insurance and that will be a direct benefit to the budget.

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Individual Health Insurance for Your Needs

When it comes to Florida health insurance, you need a policy that suits your needs. It doesn’t matter what the neighbor happens to have.

If you don’t qualify to get group insurance through your employer, you might want to consider checking into getting Florida health insurance specifically for yourself (and/or family if you have one). While it might seem like it’s an uphill battle trying to find something that covers you adequately for a reasonable price; it can be done. In fact, it’s done just about every day by people looking for health insurance because they know that some day they will need to see a doctor.

Keep in mind that you would be the “administrator” of your own policy and be responsible for paying the premiums, updating it when needed and making sure it covers what you need. Notice we didn’t say covers what you want. There is a difference between buying a Florida health insurance policy you want (because it’s cheaper) and buying one you actually need (because it’s more expensive).

Here’s what the problem is if you choose to buy what you want for less money. Yes, you will be paying out less in premiums – but – and this is a “big” but, if that policy does not cover what you need to see a doctor for, then just how much money have you saved? The answer is not much, because if the policy doesn’t cover you, you’re paying out-of-pocket for medical care.

So, taking a look at that situation, if you have to pay out more because you went with a cheap policy that doesn’t cover you, you would have actually been better off to pay more and have the coverage in place when you needed it. There is nothing more irritating than going to a doctor or hospital and then discovering that the insurance policy you bought won’t pay for your expenses.

This is not a fun situation to be in. This is also one of the main reasons why when you are searching for reasonable Florida health insurance that you speak to an experienced insurance agent. They will know right away what would work for you and guess what? If you shop around, you will find good rates – and that’s a fact.

If you want a good health insurance policy, one that “will” cover you when you need coverage, then take the time to talk to your local insurance broker. That’s what he’s there for – to help you find what you need.

When it comes to Florida health insurance, you need a policy that suits your needs. It doesn’t matter what the neighbor happens to have.

Evan Tunis is with, the leading provider of Florida health insurance quotes. To learn more about Florida health insurance, visit

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Creative health insurance applications get revoked

How to get the best possible insurance rates

“I want the health insurance price that I saw on the website: the one that says preferred rating. It’s the best price so that’s what I want.”

And therein lies the conundrum of someone who wants health insurance but has no idea what they’re asking about. It’s a little like trying to buy auto insurance; until the company takes a good look at your driving record, they have no idea what they’re going to charge you. Until I know all your health issues, I can’t give you a rating. You have to tell me if you have diabetes, asthma, allergies – and you get the idea. If you don’t fess up now, you’ll get tripped up later and your insurance may be revoked for white lies.

When you’re buying health insurance, you’re signing a contract. If you lied on any other contract, you’d be in the dog house right? It’s illegal to give false information on a contract, so why would you fudge your health information? It doesn’t take long to find out if you have “been creative” on your application – after all, there comes a time when you submit your claims and if you submit for drugs for asthma when you said you didn’t have asthma; the cats out of the bag.

Pricing on a website is just that – a quote based on certain optimal factors. If you are not optimal – meaning in totally perfect health – then your quote will vary. It “has” to vary because if you have a condition that needs medical treatment and you need insurance, the insurance company is not a charity, and they are insuring you “as is” not as you would like to be.

Before you shop for health insurance, know that you will need to fess up about any pre-existing condition you have. I don’t judge you based on your health; I just need the facts to price a health insurance policy fairly. And really, isn’t that what you want? Fair health insurance prices for what you honestly “need?” No sense in being caught with your pants on the ground later if you fibbed about your health.

Give me a call, I have lots of options for you and would be happy to help you find what you need.

To Your Health,

Evan Tunis

Florida Healthcare Insurance


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Health Insurance in the Future May Look Different Than It Does Now

The new Health Care Reform Act mandates people buy insurance or be fined. That isn’t slated to happen until 2014.

“Just because the Health Care Reform Act was signed into law and part of it mandates everyone

must have health insurance or face serious fines, you don’t have to rush right out and get health insurance.The mandated insurance doesn’t kick in until 2014, that is ‘if’ the Act is still in force and if the government is the same as it is now. There are no guarantees here, which means things could very well change,” indicated Evan Tunis of Florida Health Care Insurance, Delray Beach, Florida.

While it is a wise move to check out what is available in terms of health insurance, there is no particularly pressing need to buy it this very instant. “Even though there are a lot of people who are making it a point to scare you into getting health insurance “right away,” you would be better off taking the time to make any decisions relating to health insurance before being stampeded into something you may not need and may not suit you,” said Tunis.

There are those that also say the price of insurance will go up. It may and it may not. In some instances, if a risk pool of individuals is keeping their old insurance plans, their prices may go up because the pool would shrink over time. In other instances, the prices should come down because of the increased number of people on the market searching for reasonable health insurance and the insurance exchanges – also tentatively coming into play in 2014.

Take the time now to read what the Health Care Reform Act really contains and how it is intended to introduce changes over time. Just because this was signed into law does not mean everything in the Act is applicable “right now.”

As for finding reasonable health insurance, that can be done quite easily with the assistance of an expert health insurance broker who knows what’s coming in the future. They are well versed of the changes on the horizon that will reform health care as we know it today.

“Knowing what you need to know now will stand you in good stead for later down the road. While it’s a good idea to check into the pricing of health insurance now, you may find that within a year or two, the prices will be even better. There is no rush to get it and anyone that tells you there is needs to read the Act again and stop scaring people,” indicated Evan Tunis of Florida Health Care Insurance, Delray Beach, Florida.

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Why you need Life Insurance Today

If you just about hit delete when you saw the title, HANG ON, I’m really serious about this for a very good reason. Prices for (meaning the premiums you pay) on term or non-permanent life insurance have plummeted just about 70% since they hit an all time high in the mid-90s. This trend just started to reverse and sneak up about 5% to 10% at the beginning of the year.

Wondering why the rates fell in the first place and if they could just stay down? Well, for term life insurance, the rates dropped for a number of reasons and the major one is that we’re living longer. If you outlive your term (number of years) the policy expires and you get paid absolutely nothing. What happened was that more people lived longer and their money went to the insurance company. When the insurance company made more money, they lowered their rates – a bonus to you.

Another reason term insurance premiums dropped is thanks to the Internet. Online shoppers started doing price comparisons while they were at home. Good for the shopper, but not so good for the insurance company who was losing business to the competition. The prices started coming down to be competitive which in the long run benefited everyone.

And the last reason why prices fell is linked to the stock market. What? At one time stock prices were fantastic and they aren’t now. What do stock prices have to do with insurance premiums? When insurance companies make money, they invest it. Their returns on investments offset insurance costs – or they have until the boom went bust. During the boom, insurance companies made money and that meant they could charge lower premiums. Since the stock market isn’t so attractive these days, premiums are starting to rise. The offset money has to come from someplace.

And here is what you need to know to make an informed decision about life insurance: the prices are at an all time low, but about to start going back up. To get what you need now would cost you less than if you waited. I’m here to answer your questions. Call me and we’ll talk.

To Your Health,

Evan Tunis

Florida Healthcare Insurance


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Changes in Florida Health Insurance Continue to Occur

In Florida, sever health insurance carriers have already stopped offering maternity benefits and 2 year rate guarantees. At Florida Healthcare Insurance, we suspect premiums are going to begin increasing due to the risk being forced on the insurers.  As time goes on, we will see more changes.  The plans offered today will not look the same shortly.  The climate has changed dramatically. WE HAVE BEEN PREPARING for some time for this. We have positioned ourselves to do business ONLY with those A Rated Health insurance companies who are also prepared and positioned to survive the coming changes.
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Premiums May Vary over the Years

Opting out of family health insurance may be risky. It may also cost a family their life savings.

While it’s pretty much a given that family health insurance is necessary, many families find themselves between a rock and a hard place when it comes to paying the bills and keeping their insurance premiums current. Many choose to drop their family health insurance.

“This is a risky thing to do, because if a member of the family is involved in an accident or contracts a serious illness, your savings could vanish just about overnight while trying to keep up with the bills,” states Evan Tunis of Florida Health Care Insurance, Delray Beach, Florida.

At one time, families could afford to pay a hospital bill when it arrived in the mail. The cost of health care back then is nowhere near what it is now. Given the current state of health care in the US, even relatively minor ailments may run several thousands of dollars. “If you have children, the costs may be even higher, as they get a lot of colds, the flu, ear infections, strep throat, broken limbs, and other illnesses that need medical attention. These are major reasons why families need to have current Florida health insurance,” added Tunis.

“I’ve heard many families comment that they can’t find reasonable health insurance. As a health insurance broker, I know for a fact that there are reasonable policies out there. Furthermore, with the new changes coming in June 2010 and the signing of the Health Care Reform Act into law, the health insurance industry will become extremely competitive. Timing is everything,” Tunis commented.

To get a good understanding of what options are available for family health insurance, check online. “Ask for custom quotes, multiple quotes, and different providers and services – it doesn’t matter what you ask for, you should be able to get virtually instant answers online. Keep in mind that these are quotes based only on information you provide. If that information is inaccurate, it will make a difference in the quotes, so make sure you use the same information for every quote you request,” Tunis explained.

Some people shop first and tailor their budget later. “I find that it’s better to have a budget in mind first and then see what fits that budget. It takes the stress factor out of online shopping, or buying Florida family health insurance in person. It also helps the insurance broker to know what range you are able to buy in rather than hand you options that won’t fit the family finances,” indicated Tunis.

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Know Your Life Insurance Needs

While we may all know that life insurance is important, we often don’t really know what we need.
Life insurance to some is daunting, confusing, complex and expensive. Many wonder if it’s really even necessary. Well yes, it is necessary if you want to protect your family if you pass on suddenly. And yes, it can be confusing and complex, but it doesn’t need to be, not if you talk to an experienced and licensed insurance broker who knows their products and can provide you with Florida life insurance quotes.

If you even have a general knowledge of what you would like to accomplish by buying life insurance, this is a good place to start. No one is suggesting that you need to know “everything” there is to know about life insurance. It took an experienced agent many years to become familiar with their products and the benefits for their clients. They certainly don’t expect you to become instantly familiar with all the choices you have at your fingertips. That’s their job, and it’s best to leave it to them.

This isn’t to say that you can’t work together in a sort of partnership, because that is often the best method to choose the kind of life insurance that will achieve your goals. Sit down with a skilled agent and outline what you have in mind. Discuss the various options. Ask questions and then ask even more questions. Life insurance is an important decision and you want to know you’ve made the best choice for your lifestyle and family. Often knowing what you want will come after you get Florida life insurance quotes from your insurance agent.

Don’t know who to choose as a beneficiary? Don’t know much about benefit levels? You’re not alone; this is a common problem, and one that can be discussed with your agent. You may choose from a wide range of products, each with that little something extra that might be just what you were looking for in a life insurance policy.

Some tips that might come in handy for you are things like buying your life insurance when you think you need it. The younger you are, the cheaper the premiums. But, don’t let that stop you from buying insurance if you are older. There is something out there for everyone. Yes, the premiums may be a bit higher, but you will still be able to get the kind of coverage that will suit you.

When you do decide what you want to buy, make sure you get enough coverage. In other words, you want a policy that will take care of any and “all” expenses your family may have. That would include things like debt payments, mortgages, etc. While you may not be able to get what you “need” right away due to budget constraints, then buy what you can afford and upgrade later. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. This is where shopping around for Florida life insurance quotes comes in handy.

Evan Tunis is with, the leading provider of Florida health insurance quotes. To learn more about Florida health insurance, visit

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Cheap Florida Health Insurance Is Possible

Finding cheap health insurance is a must these days. While many don’t think that’s possible, it is.

Sure, people want and need to save money wherever they can during these tough economic times. If they choose to “not” buy Florida health insurance because they can’t afford it, while that is their choice, it’s not a wise financial choice. The reason for that is because everyone needs a doctor at some time in their life and if the person without health insurance needs medical care, it will cost them more “then” than it would have cost them to pay monthly low health insurance premiums.

Think about that for a minute. A broken leg can run up to $60,000 or higher. If you went to the hospital without health insurance and were billed for that, how would you pay it? If you had Florida health insurance, while you might still find it hard to pay the bill, you would not be paying the full amount of the bill. Doesn’t it make sense to have health insurance for a low monthly premium to avoid being in that situation?

Not having health insurance and needing medical care could also potentially wipe out all your savings. Is that something you really want to happen? Most people would say no and those who don’t have much in savings understandably want to horde what they have. If a medical crisis ruins their plans, they have nothing left. This is, in fact, one of the reasons for so many medical bankruptcies in the US today.

There are so many different health care plans on the market today, that there is one for every person and family, even if they aren’t earning a lot of money. All you need to do is ask a skilled health insurance agent what plans would suit your circumstances and then work as a team to find the right coverage for you and your family. While you’re at it, also ask exactly what is covered and what is not.

You need to ask what is covered and what isn’t because if later on you need to use your health insurance, you don’t want to find out when you are about to pay the bill that “none” of it is covered by insurance. This has happened, so take the time to get to know what is in your particular policy. If you just want the basics, discuss that with the insurance agent. If you want a few bells and whistles, then ask about that as well.

Shopping for health insurance these days is a bit like ordering off an a la carte menu; you can have just about anything you want that suits your fancy – and in the case of health insurance – suits your budget. Get more than one quote, talk to more than one insurance agent, and ask your friends what they have or don’t have. This is all valuable information to get before you decide what may work for your needs.

Evan Tunis is with, the leading provider of Florida health insurance quotes. To learn more about Florida health insurance, visit

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Under-Insured or Over-Insured, Not Good Choices

When it comes to life insurance, being under-insured or over-insured isn’t a smart plan. Ask a skilled broker to help you choose wisely.

When about to choose life insurance, most people get stuck when it comes to how much coverage they need versus what they want. Those two things may be entirely different. This is one of the reasons you’d want to talk to an expert life insurance agent who could tell you what you needed to know by discussing your goals and lifestyle with you.

Being under-insured isn’t a wise idea and being over-insured won’t do you any good either. The whole key to a perfect balance in buying life insurance is having “enough” coverage to save you money in the end. Of course the question is then, “How much is enough?” When figuring that out, use a balanced blend of coverage and premium factors that both carry equivalent weight.

Granted there are usually some assertions that insurance agents will give you, like the suggestion that you consider buying ten times your annual salary. It’s not a bad idea, but it really doesn’t get you out of buying life insurance at regular intervals, nor does it prevent over or under insuring yourself. What would save you money in the short term would be to only buy what you need at any given time. That however has the effect of raising your aggregate premiums and lowering your returns. This is particular true if you are looking at cash value plans.

Here is a good tip when you assess your insurance needs: use your living expenses and not your income. That will be what your beneficiaries will need to live on. Your family may not need 100% of the household income to get on with their lives. So when you do an income calculation, use a percentage of your income to get a reasonable coverage figure.

And what do you buy then? Despite your calculations or wishes, you may find yourself buying insurance you can afford, which isn’t the same thing as what you may need. This is something you need to discuss with your life insurance agent, who has access to a wide variety of life insurance products that may just suit your requirements perfectly. You don’t want to compromise your overall financial plan by buying too much when you can least afford it.

Keep in mind that the amount of coverage you need will likely change over time and the “right” amount of coverage is what is right for “you” when you need it. The general rule of thumb is that you should anticipate, as best you can, your future needs (e.g., mortgage, new baby) without overdoing it. When in doubt, consult with a life insurance expert.

Evan Tunis is with, the leading provider of Florida health insurance quotes. To learn more about Florida health insurance, visit

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