Floridahealthcare Insurance Says No One Can Foretell Health Insurance Needs

If there is one thing in life that people can count on, it is that life is not predictable. While it makes living exciting at times, it can be a problem health-wise if you do not have insurance.

“While a lot of people figure they will be just fine when it comes to not having Florida Keys health insurance, the truth is, no one really knows for sure what will happen in life. They may have an accident, break a leg, contract pneumonia or be diagnosed with asthma. Guessing how healthy you are going to be is a little like playing Russian roulette. You may not get the bullet and then again, you may, so why take chances with your health?” asked Evan Tunis, Evan Tunis of Florida Healthcare Insurance, Delray Beach, Florida.

If people are uncertain of what they need for health coverage, they will be heartened to know that there are a wide variety of options available to them on the market. If price is a concern, it is quite possible to find suitable Florida Keys health insurance at a reasonable price. “You need to know what you are looking for, what your budget is, what you need in terms of care and that includes pre-existing conditions and how often you usually see a doctor a year,” Tunis said.

For those looking for health insurance for their families, the best place to start looking is by making a list of what is needed. That may include the medical conditions of all family members, their drugs and how often they see a doctor. Everyone has different needs and the idea is to find something that covers as many of those needs as possible.

When looking online for various Florida Keys health insurance plans, find out precisely what kinds of plans are out there that would suit a family situation. There may be various routes to choose here as well. “For instance, if you are employed, you might get less expensive coverage through work. If not, you will want to speak directly to your local health insurance specialist for help. That’s my job, and I can assist you in finding what you need, quickly and for a reasonable price,” Tunis said.

It is always helpful to check into what the limitations are for each plan under consideration. Every plan has some restrictions, but they are not always the same, so it is wise to know what those are, particularly if there are family members with pre-existing conditions. To that end, also be on the lookout for plans to take care of prescriptions. “If you and/or anyone in the family are taking pills, this needs to be factored into the health insurance coverage equation as well,” Tunis said.

Evan Tunis is with, the leading provider of Florida and Florida Keys health insurance quotes. To learn more about Florida health insurance, visit -insurance.html

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Have Fort Lauderdale Health Insurance Like House Insurance

Having Fort Lauderdale health insurance is crucial for those inevitable life events that need medical care.

There are a great number of Americans who wonder why they should bother to have health insurance, as they don’t think they will ever use it. In other words, why are they shelling out good money every month for something they aren’t using or benefitting from right away?

It’s like having house insurance. You don’t see a benefit from it right away, but if something happens, like a fire, then you know what the benefits are immediately when you file a claim. It’s the same thing with Fort Lauderdale health insurance; without it you could be financially wiped out with one accident or illness.

Fort Lauderdale health insurance just isn’t something that people purchase and then use right away. It can’t be consumed like a product you buy. Instead, consider it an investment; an investment in your long-term good health. If you need it, it will be there to cover you for medical expenses.

The other thing to remember is that by buying health insurance, you are protecting yourself against medical risks; just like buying house insurance to protect against the risk of fire, etc. If you don’t have insurance, the cost is devastating. With insurance, the costs are less and you could at least manage to handle some of the financial fallout.

Could you go through life not have anything happen to you medically? Sure you could, but that doesn’t happen often, as people do get older and their health changes. That’s life. For those who choose to not buy health insurance and instead save the money, remember this, the first time you need a doctor, you will be forking over every penny you had saved and then some to cover that one bill. Then where are you? Right; right back where you started from, no insurance and now, no money.

The last thing anyone needs is a major financial setback in this economy. Think ahead, plan for the future, get the right kind of health insurance to deal with any possible medical problems and know that should something go wrong, you’re covered and won’t be financially destitute.

Evan Tunis is with, the leading provider of Florida and Fort Lauderdale health insurance quotes. To learn more about Florida health insurance, visit -insurance.html.

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Changing Florida Life Insurance Needs

Just Starting Out- Young, single adults may have little need for life insurance since they have no major debts an no one else counting on their income.

Two Incomes with Children- This is typically the time when your Florida Life Insurance needs are the greatest, since family members are depending on your income.  The death of either spouse can create a financial hardship.

Middle age with Children- You should reassess your Florida Life Insurance again as your children approach college age, since you may need  to increase coverage to fund their educations.

Children out of college- Your need for life insurance may decrease when your children may decrease when your children become independent.  On the other hand, you may find you now have different needs for insurance.

To learn more about Florida Life  insurance, visit or call us at 800.946.3157.

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Individual Cape Coral Health Insurance Plans Do Not Need To Be Expensive

While people tend to think twice before buying health insurance because of the price, individual health plans do not need to be expensive.

It’s a fact that a large number of companies are no longer offering health coverage because it costs them too much money. This means there are a lot of people who need to find individual Cape Coral health insurance plans to suit their needs. While it takes a bit of time to find specifically what you want, there is something out there for you. If you are having problems finding something, then talk to the health insurance expert who can find you coverage quickly. After all, they know their business inside out.

One of the first things you need to consider before shopping for Cape Coral health insurance is your budget. Figure out what you can pay each month and still be comfortable and have any emergencies covered. Your premiums will not be what you paid at work, because that was group insurance and less expensive. Just let the insurance agent know your budget and they’ll find what you need, if you need help.

While it’s great to search online for Cape Coral health insurance, you really need to be dealing directly with a local independent insurance agent. They work with a large number of insurance carriers in your area and can help you with the application process and answer those “what if” questions we all tend to have about health insurance. The other primary reason for dealing locally is that you will get great service if you have a claim or billing question.

Before calling the local health insurance agent, have in mind where you want to go if you need a hospital stay – the community hospital or the nearest big hospital. Do you want to stay with a certain physician? Write this down and discuss it with the expert agent. Many insurance carriers have discounted networks and thus lower costs for your plan, but you will have a limited choice in medical providers.

Take into consideration what you might be paying out in an emergency situation. Find out which ERs are covered. Find out about Urgent Care as well, because using Urgent Care is often far less expensive than the ER. And don’t forget about prescriptions. Many policies will have a lower priced premium if you use generic drugs only. If you are self-employed though, hedge your bets and go with brand name coverage; it’s worth the few extra dollars, just in case.

No matter what you need for Cape Coral health insurance, it can be found. All you have to do is ask your local professional health insurance agent.

Evan Tunis is with, the leading provider of Florida and Cape Coral health insurance quotes. To learn more about Florida health insurance, visit -insurance.html.

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The Irony Of Not Having Miami Health Insurance

One of the hottest topics today is health insurance. Mostly, that is because of the cost of health care these days.

Virtually everywhere you go, you see, hear, read or talk about health care reform, health care in general and health insurance in particular – as in, whether or not you do or don’t have Miami health insurance. Health insurance is a hot button topic in more ways than one, but that’s nothing new. What is new in the health care mixture is the addition of health care reform and the eventuality of having to buy a health insurance policy in the future.

In the meantime, does health care reform address the cost of medical treatments? No, not really, as the costs are still going up and it seems like they will be in the foreseeable future. And really, why wouldn’t they when the insurance companies are supposed to give more benefits (an 80 percent loss ratio) to the consumers? Giving more benefits to the consumers means the cost of health insurance will go up too, to cover the shortfall. And yet, we still need Miami health insurance to be able to pay our medical bills when they arrive.

At some point in your life, you will have a medical emergency and we all know those can be financially draining, even with health insurance. Although many people don’t like to plan for disaster and illness, it is a very wise move to have the right kind of Miami health insurance to cover you when your medical moment arrives.

What you choose is largely a function of what you need for your current lifestyle and family situation, but if you are not sure what would work for you, you can always consult with a health insurance expert. The more information you have, the better informed you are. The better informed you are, the better health insurance you choose.

The irony today when it comes to health insurance comes from those who think they do not need it and they can save money by not paying premiums. That is all well and good until something happens and they do not have insurance coverage. What they may have saved plus a whole lot more will need to be paid out to cover for medical expenses. Is it really wise to not have health insurance when even the cost of sprained ankle could wipe out your bank account?

Health insurance issues these days are volatile, and for many, frightening. They do not need to be scary, not when you have access to a knowledgeable and skilled health insurance agent who will shop what you need for you. This is the best way to save money on Miami health insurance, because you will be covered when you need to be.

Evan Tunis is with, the leading provider of Florida and Miami health insurance quotes. To learn more about Florida health insurance, visit Florida and Miami health insurance quotes”> -insurance.html.

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Sarasota Health Insurance Is A Crucial Investment In Your Wellbeing

The best investment you could ever make in life is to protect your health. Sarasota health insurance would fit the bill perfectly.

Hands down, purchasing health insurance is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Everyone should protect their health, as it is the most valuable thing they “own.” Without your health, who will take care of you? Who will pay your bills if you don’t have health insurance? How will you manage in the world without adequate health insurance? These are tough and thought provoking questions. Do you have ready answers?

Many people do not have answers, because there are a lot who think they don’t need health insurance, because they’re just fine – right now. That does not mean they will always be fine. No one really knows from one minute to the next what will happen to our health. But what we do know is this: if you don’t have Sarasota health insurance and you get sick, need emergency medical care or land in hospital, your medical bills will be through the roof.

You’re right, there is no crystal ball that says tomorrow you will break your wrist, get pneumonia or be involved in an 18-wheeler wreck, so why worry about life’s “what if’s?” You worry about them because if you don’t, and you need medical care, there is nothing in place to pay your bills.

Can’t afford health insurance, you say? Actually, you can’t afford not to have health insurance, because with it, you would at least stand a chance of paying any medical bills incurred on your behalf. Yes, you might also need to pay some out-of-pocket expenses, but that would be nothing compared to the full bill you’d have to pay if you did not have health insurance.

This is a bit like the doctor advising an overweight patient to exercise and the patient starting to make excuses for why they can’t do that. To which the doctor replies: “What works best for your timetable, exercising an hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?” It puts things into perspective doesn’t it? In other words, to protect your health for a reasonable price, you need to have health insurance coverage. There are no ifs, ands or buts here.

Evan Tunis is with, the leading provider of Florida and Sarasota health insurance quotes. To learn more about Florida health insurance, visit -insurance.html.

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Health care reform has an ugly side that people need to be aware of

Health care reform is touted as being a good thing. However, the industry is offering products that are not beneficial to consumers.

Many think health care reform will mean a healthier nation with more people getting access to health insurance. While that may be true to a certain extent, in reality, the insurance industry is beginning to see some unusual and not so beneficial products hit the marketplace; products that essentially mean those who buy them are buying something that is as good as having no Tampa health insurance. If you want to have your health care costs covered, in whole or in part, you need a traditional health insurance plan; it’s just that simple.

While it makes sense to save money by opting to buy a limited benefit plan or a discount medical plan, are you really saving any money in the long run? Chances are you are not saving money and may in fact be spending more money than you thought. Yes, even more money that it would cost you to get a proper Tampa health insurance plan.

The major problem is that today, many people shop for health coverage based solely on price. This is a major mistake, as more often than not, what you get is not what you thought you were getting, and you will not be covered for your expenses. In fact, you will be paying for your care with a medical discount plan – all of your care. Try figuring the expenses out for that over the period of a year and you’ll quickly find out you’d be paying more than you would pay for proper health insurance – the kind that pays your medical claims for you.

Which makes more sense economically? The answer is health insurance that actually pays out money on your behalf for your medical expenses. Joining a medical discount plan only gets you discounts on medical services and supplies. It does not pay out any money to you for a claim.

Think twice before you buy health insurance that is so cheap you are thrilled. It may end up that it isn’t health insurance and the costs are higher than what Tampa health insurance would be. In addition, you may also wind up with limited benefits; something that might backfire on you should you need coverage at some point in your life. Always be aware of what you are buying, your very health could depend on it.

Evan Tunis is with, the leading provider of Florida and Tampa health insurance quotes. To learn more about Florida health insurance, visit Floridahealthcareinsurance.

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Don’t get a medical discount plan by mistake because it’s cheaper than health insurance

Be aware that medical discount plans are not health insurance. They do not do the same thing as Jacksonville health insurance either.

You’ve likely seen the ads on TV or even in print, touting the cost cutting convenience of medical discount plans. Please note before you read further, medical discount plans ARE NOT HEALTH INSURANCE. Furthermore, most hospitals and doctors do not have to honor medical discount plans and in many cases, they won’t.

The claims sure sound good by teasing people with one liners like: discounts of up to 60 percent, no deductible or co-pays and pre-existing conditions are no problem. Who wouldn’t want to save money on their health care costs these days? Look before you leap and find out exactly what it is you are buying before you buy it. If you don’t take that extra precautionary step, you might get an unexpected surprise later.

Medical discount programs come in many forms, ranging from a medical discount plan to a discount program or even a card. Financially, they’re attractive, there’s no getting around that. And, yes, medical discount plans may be of use to some consumers, but – and this is a huge but – they are not the same thing as health insurance. They do not pay any of your health care costs. Instead, you pay a fee for a list of health care service providers, etc. who are willing to give you a discount because you’re in a plan. In other words, you have no health care coverage – period.

Also, be very aware that some of the medical discount plans boast they provide huge discounts from hundreds of providers offering a wide variety of services. Quite often, there is no substance to these claims and you are paying a lot for virtually nothing. This isn’t to say that if you want other health care options that you shouldn’t check out medical discount plans. They may be what you want; but be cautious.

If you aren’t sure about the plans, call the state insurance commissioner and find out if they’re registered to sell health insurance in your state. If they aren’t, find someone else that sells Jacksonville health insurance and not a medical discount plan. In other words, if you want the insurance company to pay your medical bills (or portions thereof), you want a health insurance plan and NOT a discount plan.

If you don’t know which is which and can’t tell the difference between health insurance and a medical discount plan, call a licensed local Jacksonville health insurance agent/broker. They have all the information you need and can explain the differences. Their advice is free and it’s often advice that will save you money and get you a good deal on health insurance, NOT a medical discount plan.

Evan Tunis is with, the leading provider of Florida and Jacksonville health insurance quotes. To learn more about Florida health insurance, visit -insurance.html.

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Health insurance or bust, the new dilemma of the 21st century

If you don’t have Miami health insurance, you’re going to need it. Health care reform means everyone must have it eventually.

While paying for health insurance can be somewhat expensive, it’s something that you’ll need to cover those medical moments when life takes a slight turn for the worse. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you needed medical care and didn’t have insurance, you know firsthand what it’s like trying to pay the bill later. It’s sad, but true, that some people just shrug off their medical debts and let others pay for their care. Most people don’t want to be in that position.

One of the smartest things to do about health insurance is to start looking now and not wait until the last minute to get a Miami health insurance policy. Finding something now that suits your budget and needs is far better than trying to find something when everyone else is also looking at the same time. If you’re still of the mindset that you will wait to see what happens, that’s your choice. Just keep in mind that not having health insurance can be a real disadvantage if you get sick or into an accident.

When in doubt about where to find decent health insurance coverage that doesn’t cost you your firstborn, go online. There is a lot of valuable information out there these days, and it only takes a few minutes to find. Take your time. No one says you have to be in a hurry to choose a policy. Find out what is out there and then give some thought to what your situation is and what coverage you may need. This is where making lists comes in handy. When you’re done with surfing and making your list, compare some of the better policies you found.

Remember that you need to be comparing the same or similar policies for each quote you get. If you don’t do that, you’re likely get confused, because nothing will make sense. This is one of the major reasons why it’s a wise decision to talk to an insurance agent directly. They can point you in the right direction, help you sort out the different plans, assist you in meeting your budget guidelines and tell you which things you should likely have in your final policy choice.

You will likely want hospital coverage, even if you are fairly healthy. Life can and does turn on a dime and while you may not need hospital coverage today, you may tomorrow if you get into an accident. You can’t predict what will happen in the future medically. It’s like buying fire insurance for your house. You don’t think you’ll have a fire, but you don’t want to take that chance and get wiped out. This is the same thing with Miami health insurance. Get it today for protection for tomorrow and all of your future tomorrows.

Evan Tunis is with, the leading provider of Florida and Miami health insurance quotes. To learn more about Florida health insurance, visit

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Personal needs dictate what individual Fort Lauderdale health insurance you should buy

Sometimes it’s not all that easy to figure out what you need for individual health insurance. Research helps provide the right information.

Buying Fort Lauderdale health insurance isn’t always easy if you don’t know what you need. You do know for sure that you will need health insurance in the future, so it only makes sense to start looking for it now. One of the best ways to find out what works for you is to do your homework online, find some websites that provide instant quotes, filter the information based on your personal health and then make a call to the agent.

Agents can give you the inside scoop on what would work for you based on your geographic location because they know what hospitals are the best, who pays their claims and who doesn’t and what each doctor offers. It doesn’t matter why you don’t have health insurance right now, what matters is that you find something to cover you for those inevitable illnesses and accidents that happen in everyone’s life. Remember, being uninsured leaves you open to enormous medical bills when you need care, and paying those bills is going to be really difficult, if not impossible, if you don’t have much money.

One of the first things you will want to consider is the amount of the premium for Fort Lauderdale health insurance. While you can definitely find reasonable plans to suit your budget, be aware that if you opt for a very cheap plan, you may not get the coverage you think you’re going to get. Read the fine print so you don’t get surprises later.

X-ray coverage and prescription coverage are two very big things that most people want to have as part of their health insurance coverage. Don’t think you need X-ray coverage? What do you do if you break a wrist? You’d be paying for that out of your pocket if you don’t have coverage. X-rays are something that just about all people will need at some point in their lives. Make sure you have that option covered.

Another virtual inevitable in your life is requiring drugs, whether for a cold, sinus infection, acid reflux, gout, migraines or depression – just about everyone takes pills for something. If you want to be covered for the cost of drugs, then consider adding this to your Fort Lauderdale health insurance plan coverage. There are a variety of other things you may also want to consider, but might not be sure what they are. This is why you will want to spend some time talking to an expert insurance agent who knows what plans may suit you and what other things you will need to consider. It’s time well spent.

Evan Tunis is with, the leading provider of Florida and Fort Lauderdale health insurance quotes. To learn more about Florida health insurance, visit

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