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Why You Should Avoid Instant Health Insurance Quotes

If you have ever looked for Florida Health Insurance the results can be daunting.  With an average of around 6-7 carriers and 100 plans many are left to throw up there hands or just submit there info for instant quotes.  The problem with these quotes include:

  • Quotes are only quoted for “Preferred Basis”.  Thus if you take any medication you most likely will not get this rate.
  • If you don’t have insurance you will pay more.  Quotes are only shown that include you currently having insurance if you don’t well expect to pay more.

Evan Tunis, owner of Florida Healthcare Insurance, advises all of his clients to ignore instant quotes and give him a call.  According to Tunis, “I will never email a quote without first speaking to any potential clients.  Its a waste of both of our time.”

Tunis recommends anyone looking for Florida Health Insurance to look for a broker that works with every carrier in the state and knows the underwriting of these particular carriers inside and out.

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Say Goodbye To Child Only Policies in Florida

On July 12th, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida will discontinue all new sales of Child Only policies.  Blue Cross joins United Healthcare(Golden Rule), Assurant Healthcare and most other large carriers who have already made these changes.

Currently only Humana stands as the last company to offer these policies.  If you have a child who needs an insurance policy  please give us a call at 800.946.3157 or visit our website at

Evan Tunis is with, the leading provider of Florida health insurance quotes. To learn more about Florida health insurance, visit

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