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Why You Should Avoid Instant Health Insurance Quotes

If you have ever looked for Florida Health Insurance the results can be daunting.  With an average of around 6-7 carriers and 100 plans many are left to throw up there hands or just submit there info for instant quotes.  The problem with these quotes include:

  • Quotes are only quoted for “Preferred Basis”.  Thus if you take any medication you most likely will not get this rate.
  • If you don’t have insurance you will pay more.  Quotes are only shown that include you currently having insurance if you don’t well expect to pay more.

Evan Tunis, owner of Florida Healthcare Insurance, advises all of his clients to ignore instant quotes and give him a call.  According to Tunis, “I will never email a quote without first speaking to any potential clients.  Its a waste of both of our time.”

Tunis recommends anyone looking for Florida Health Insurance to look for a broker that works with every carrier in the state and knows the underwriting of these particular carriers inside and out.

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How Health Insurance Reform will Affect Florida Residents

Since yesterday night we have been receiving calls on just how the new health reform will effect Florida Residents.  Here are a few questions and answers.

Will the new law cover pre-existing conditions?  The good news is yes it will.  However if you are looking for a plan today, keep waiting we are looking at the year 2013 at a minimum for a major medical to cover pre-existing conditions.

Will there be lifetime limits on my new policy? The short answer is NO.  All policies will have no lifetime limit.
If you have any questions regarding the reform or would like a quote on a new policy please call us at 800.946.3157.

To Your Health,

Evan Tunis

Florida Healthcare Insurance

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Health and Life Insurance for the Overweight

Have you ever applied for health insurance only to be rated up 50% for your height/weight?  All carriers have certain guidelines and if you are over these guidelines will likely end up in you paying more each month for your health or life insurance.

However, not all carriers use the same index.  Some use your BMI(Body Mass Index)  while others merely looks at a height/weight chart.

If you would like to get health or life insurance but do not know the guidelines for a particular company please call our office at 800.946.3157.  We will compare every carrier in the state of Florida to find you the best value at an affordable rate.

To learn more about Florida health insurance, Florida health insurance quotes, Florida life insurance, Florida life insurance quotes, Florida group health insurance visit Floridahealthcareinsurance.com.

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