Pricing and Health Insurance

If you’ve ever gone to a doctor, lab, or hospital and asked what a procedure or test will cost you’ll get the same answer-what insurance do you got?

This answer is troublesome for a myriad of reasons.  Your neighbor could be paying 1/10 of what your paying or 3x for the same procedure.  There is no other business in the United States that operates like this.

It is of the opinion of Florida Healthcare Insurance that healthcare should be like any other business.  Prices should be transparent and patients should know all of their options.   The medical fields that currently do this such as Lasik have seen rates cut  significantly.

The first step to solving the health reform situation in the United States isn’t in a law or reform but rather thru transparency.

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News About Cobra

With the passage of the new stimulus bill there has been signifigant changes to COBRA. Cobra is a temporary insurance(18 months) for those that have recently been let go from there jobs.

Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, those who were laid off since last fall may be eligible for a 65 percent subsidy to pay for COBRA, which allows people to extend employer-sponsored health insurance.
In other words individuals and families will only have to pay 35% of there Cobra payments.

However there are some negatives associated with new rule.

For examply if your health coverage was terminated when a employer shut down and laid off all its workers. Can I get the premium reduction to pay for new health coverage?

Generally, no. If there is no longer a health plan, there is often no COBRA coverage available.

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