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How Health Insurance Reform will Affect Florida Residents

Since yesterday night we have been receiving calls on just how the new health reform will effect Florida Residents.  Here are a few questions and answers.

Will the new law cover pre-existing conditions?  The good news is yes it will.  However if you are looking for a plan today, keep waiting we are looking at the year 2013 at a minimum for a major medical to cover pre-existing conditions.

Will there be lifetime limits on my new policy? The short answer is NO.  All policies will have no lifetime limit.
If you have any questions regarding the reform or would like a quote on a new policy please call us at 800.946.3157.

To Your Health,

Evan Tunis

Florida Healthcare Insurance

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What the House Healthcare Bill Means for Florida Health Insurance

A few days ago the House of Represenatives released there own version of Healthcare reform. The bill is close to 1900 pages long and would take at least a few hours to understand every little provision.   So we went ahead and did the work and condescend it to a few key points.  What does this mean for Florida Health Insurance?


*Only sold in exchange
*Abide by all rules private carriers must follow
*Offer Basic, Enhanced and Premium plans
*Geographically adjust premiums in same manner as private plans
*Rates must fully finance costs
*No bailout provision – cannot get additional Federal funding to pay claims
*2 billion to fund private option
*Medicare docs are in network unless they opt out
*No punishment for docs who opt out
*Annual enrollment period where docs can opt in or out

Coverage Sold in the Exchange
*No pre-ex exclusions
*2:1 max rating based on age
*Area rating allowed as specified by the Commissioner
*Individual premiums “uniform” with family premiums
*Dependent age to 27
*Carrier’s rates must be approved before allowed into the exchange

As it currently stands there is no definitive answer on how this will effect Florida Health Insurance.

As always we will keep you posted on the public reform as it relates to Florida Health Insurance.

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