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It’s always a good idea to compare health insurance prices from at least five carriers, but, don’t let the price alone be your guide to buying Fort Lauderdale health insurance. There are so many more things you need to take into consideration before you actually make a purchase decision.

Of course, you want the best quality and the best price for health insurance. Generally speaking, most people think that the best quality and best price are equal. They are not. The best premium price may mean less coverage for you or coverage that just doesn’t suit your lifestyle. You have to carefully watch what kind of Fort Lauderdale health insurance you are considering and as much as you may hate to read the fine print, you need to know what your policy includes and excludes.

Doing a health insurance quote comparison is the easy part. Just hop online, find about five different insurance carriers with instant quote features, plug in your information (make sure it’s the “same” for every carrier), hit send and wait for quotes to come back. There are a couple of things you should be aware of here: the quote that comes back is based on “your” information, if that is not correct, the quote is not accurate. When the quotes come back, they tend to be fairly general in nature, because the agent doesn’t know if more underwriting is required or not.

Let’s say you have your quotes. Next, make a quick graph that shows price, highlights and anything else that is important for you. Let’s say you have diabetes and need a good drug plan. Did the quotes include that information? What else do you need covered and can’t do without? Did you check those differences and similarities in each quote?

While you may be able to quickly identify the lowest cost; that might not be for the best policy for “you.” In fact, the coverage might be very poor. If that’s the case, you might want to think about revising your price qualifications and closely consider what each policy offers and doesn’t offer before considering price as the final arbiter of purchase.

One other thing to consider when you do comparisons is to check out all of the larger companies online. Request the quotes and go from there. It’s a place to start. But, the best thing that will pay off for you almost immediately is to talk to a knowledgeable health insurance agent who knows their products inside out. Not only do they know where to get you the best prices, but they can outline the benefits of the policies you are considering.