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If you’re shopping around for a health insurance policy, there are some things you need to consider besides just the price of Jacksonville health insurance.

Initially, people may decide the best health insurance deal is the one that costs the least amount of money – until the find out it doesn’t cover them for what they thought it did. This is where it comes in handy to understand what some of the terms mean that you see in your policy and hear a health insurance agent discuss when they give you information.

By the way, at any point in time when you’re talking about what type of health insurance policy will suit your needs, pipe up and ask questions, because the only way you will be able to make an informed decision about what to buy is to find out what you need to know. So, how do you make up your mind about what Jacksonville health insurance plan you need? Bottom line? Understand the basics of your policy and some of the terms.

Typically, when most people are looking for health insurance, they look for things they need and want, what is not covered, what is covered and the price – not always in that order, but close enough. Those on a budget are often willing to pay a few extra dollars for something they “must” have. Beyond the four corners of the policy, there are other things that customers are interested in, such as drug coverage, co-pay and deductible amounts. These are the terms just about everyone knows and understands. It’s the “other” terms that might bite you later if you don’t pay attention.

For instance, let’s take a brief look at co-insurance. This is the percentage the insurance company forks out after you have paid your deductible. This formula is usually referred to as 80/20 or 70/30 or even 50/50. To put that into English, the 80/20 means the insurance company pays 80% of your bill “after” the deductible is paid and you pay the rest. While that may sound good on the surface, many policies have co-insurance maximums; the max you pay after you meet your deductible. So, add the co-insurance maximum to your deductible. The total is your maximum out of pocket expense in a year and this does not take into account any co-pays.

When considering a Jacksonville health insurance policy, you should also make sure the price you are getting for insurance is at least guaranteed for the first year. For example, in Florida, if you have a plan with Blue Cross, the rates can jump after you've only had the policy for three months if a rate increase is approved by the state. Most carriers have a standard 12 month rate lock – meaning what you see is what you get price wise for a year. This is definitely something you need to check out before you go ahead and buy a health insurance policy.

For Jacksonville health insurance that makes sense to your budget and suits your needs, give us a call. We’re here to help you find quality, affordable health insurance plans.