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Ever talked on coffee row about health care reform and why you need Orlando health insurance? Many people have and some still think they don’t need insurance, because they never get sick and haven’t had an accident – yet.

Usually, those that talk about not getting sick and not having accidents – knock on wood – are the ones that go out and have something awful happen within a week or two of saying that to someone. It’s often ironic say the people who wound up being in a car accident or breaking an arm or leg, that they were just talking about not having Orlando health insurance because they saw no need for it. After their accident, they see the need for it. Unfortunately, they will also see the bill for it as well; one they will have to struggle to pay on their own because they didn’t have health insurance that would have defrayed the costs of the medical care.

Yes, people are trying to save money today or really, more to the point, hang on to what they have as long as they can. One of the ways to cut down on costs is to forego paying for health insurance. This is like a company choosing to cut its advertising budget in a recession, thinking it will save them money. In reality, it costs them money, because they didn’t advertise and people didn’t know they were in business and didn’t come to their store. No money was spent and the business takes a financial hit. If you don’t have health insurance and something happens, you are stuck with the full bill and may lose your business. If you had Orlando health insurance, part of the costs would have been paid for by the policy.

Basically, no one has a crystal ball and can see into the future and when they may have an accident or illness that takes them down and out. It’s a total guessing game and one day, the game catches up with you and you’re knocked flat on your butt wondering how to pay all your bills. Better you check out having a health insurance policy that gives you the protection when you need it the most. While that may not be right now, the odds are that it “will” be later, because everyone at some point in time needs medical help. And, if you live in Orlando, the traffic alone could give you a heart attack.

Look at it this way; if you don’t have Orlando health insurance and have an accident, the bill may run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Who has money like that lying around? With health insurance, the cost would be a fraction of the total. Which is better, a smaller bill because you had a health insurance policy or a bill so big it will take you years to pay off and you may lose your home and business over it? If you chose the smaller bill, you’ve got the idea. Better to be safe and covered, than sorry and broke.

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